Exactly going to happen to your face if you are stress

This is exactly going to happen to your face if you are starting to feel stress. Unless you are born yesterday, your skin have seen better days. But until then, your face is going to start experiencing all sorts of skin problem as you grow.

As well as stress, it tends to become bigger when we start to age. It will start to mess with your skin barrier slowly until it starts to get angry, irritated and leaving you to deal with one of these problems that you are going to face.

Stress can increase your risk of developing depression, negatively impact your immune system, and increase your risk of developing heart disease. It can also leave a scar on your face. Dry skinwrinkles, and acne are just some of the ways that it can reveal itself. 

How stress will show on the face? First, the hormones that your body releases can lead to physiological changes that negatively impact your skin. Secondly, you will have bad habits such as grinding your teeth or biting your lips. Third, skin problems will start to reveal such as:

1. Acne

Your body starts to produce a hormone called cortisol. Once the hormone is produced, it stimulates the oil from the skin around the hair follicles. However, excessive oil production by these glands can clog your pores and lead to acne.

2. Eyebags under your eyes

Bags under the eyes are known and can be seen by the swelling or puffiness beneath your eyelids. They become more common with age since the supporting muscles around your eyes starts to weaken.

Therefore, the sagging skin caused by a loss of elasticity can also contribute to eye bags. The loss of skin elasticity and aging of the skin are caused by sleep deprivation which leads to stress.

3. Dry Skin

The outer layer part of the skin contains protein and lipids that plays a critical role in keeping your skin cells hydrated. The outer layer also acts as a barrier that protects the skin underneath. 

When your outer layer of your skin starts to function oddly, your skin will start to feel dry and itchy. This is because stress weakens the skin barrier function and may negatively affect skin hydration effects the recovery of the skin.

woman with symptom of atopic dermatitis on brow and brows

4. Rashes

Stress have the ability to weaken your immune system. With a weak system, it can lead into an imbalance of bacteria in your gut and skin, which may lead to redness or rashes on the skin.

5. Wrinkles

Stress causes changes to the proteins in your skin and reduces its elasticity. This loss of elasticity can contribute to wrinkle formation.

Stress may also lead to repeated furrowing of your brow that may also contribute to the formation of wrinkles.

6. Hair loss

Stress does not only make your hair become gray, but also may cause hair loss. It will cause the stem cells that create melanocytes to disappear. Once these cells disappear, new cells lose their color and turn gray.

Handling too much stress can also disrupt your hair’s growing cycle, causing a large amount of hair to fall out.

Stress is unavoidable in the everyday life. It can leave a lasting impression on your face such as Acne, gray hair, and dry skin when stress become chronic.

Therefore, minimizing avoidable causes of stress in your life can help you fight against these problems that will happen to your face, or use your own skincare products to minimize it.

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